Migrating Through The Terrains by Anisah Amat

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Migrating Through The Terrains- Anisah Amat

Migrating Through The Terrains is a meditation on the terrains we journey through. How we rise. How we fall. How we suffer. How we find joy. How we learn to be in our bodies. How we learn to capture the essence of our spirit. How we find love. How we find ourselves.

Along the timeline of your rich existence, you’ll find the terrains you’ve journeyed through to arrive here, in this moment, with yourself. You’ll find the moments you faced the obstacle of climbing your highest mountain to claim the light at the top. You’ll find the moments when you were caught in the eye of your storm, unable to see clearly in front of you. You’ll find the moments when you retreated into the solitude of your desert to remember what it feels like to be at home with yourself. And then, you’ll find the moments when you let go to allow yourself to flow with the waves of your life, allowing your life to be an ocean.


Pearlescent paperback book featuring copper metallic foil.